Information about caring for furniture 


It is important to sufficiently care for your wooden furniture to ensure a lasting product.



Solid wood products such as butchers block, plank, reclaimed wood, live edge/slabs inherently "move" over time. This may cause the wood to crack, warp and vary in color and are not considered manufacturing defects and therefore, not covered under the standard Creative Wood warranty.  

We have been manufacturing since 2017 and aim to offer goods of the highest quality.

As a manufacturer, we do everything possible to prevent the above from happening but we have no control over natural wood products.  For additional information, please contact our office and a representitive will get in contact with you.


Environmental Concerns - Temperature:

Furniture must be kept in controlled conditions with an optimal office environment temperature ranging from 6 to 26 degrees Celsius with roughly 70 percent relative humidity.

If the product is exposed to extreme changes in temperature the following could/will occur - materials may contract and expand which will cause materials to "move".  This may cause separation of materials and/or de-lamination from the sub-straight. 

None of the above contions would be considered manufacturing defects, and therefore, are not covered under The Purple Flowers warranty.

About our company


We have a passion for creating and supplying quality furniture at affordable prices to you the customer.

We have been manufacturing furniture since 2016.

We only use industrial grade sealer to paint our furniture and Rubio Monocoat as a popular hardwood top coating.


At The Purple Flower you become your own interior designer. 

You have the opportunity to pick your own design, wood type and colours.  Customers get to design their own furniture to match their home perfectly. 


Environmental concerns - Light:

Furniture should be protected from direct sunlight at all times.  Light will increase the discoloration and bleaching on most veneer and hardwood components.  When furniture is not in use, it is best to be left in the dark or covered up.  

Over time, there is a natural aging process of wood, and the finished surface will darken.


Furniture Use and Care:

It is important to protect furniture from liquids and excessive heat at all times.  We use industrial quality 2 part paint / Rubio Monocoat, and the finish is made to withstand most liquids for short periods of time.  Liquids left on sufraces overnight will stain and cause substantial changes to both the veneer and substraight that may not be repairable.

We use a durable finish process on all our work surfaces, but the end user should always be careful about what is placed on, and slid accros the top of the furniture.  Products will scratch if sharp objects are placed on it.  Dents can also be created on the surface if objects are dropped on it.



For the best clening results, one should always use a damp cotton cloth moved in the dirention of the grain.  Do not move damp cloth in circles or against the grain as this may cause scratching on the survace.